"Get Some #ShutUpMoney!"
Justin Chamness'
Justin Will Coach You In:
Getting Leads Weekly, Closing Leads Over the Phone, Selling Deals for Big Profits, and Outsourcing It All! This is 90 Days of Step by Step "Business Building" Coaching.  This is True 1 on1 Coaching. Need to talk about it? Click Here
This is Where It All Begins
Existing 1 on 1 Students Schedule Here
What Will You Learn Here?
  • How to Start and Run Your RE Business Virtually!
  • How to ALWAYS have Motivated Seller Leads!
  • How to Use G.U.T.S. to Get Property Deals Over the Phone!
  • Where to Market Your Property Deals for Fast Cash!
  • How to Outsource Your Business for Full Freedom!
  • ... and Much More!!
We Offer 1 on 1 Attention in a Small Group Setting for Real Estate Wholesalers Who Want REAL Freedom!
5 Live Q&A Sessions Each Week! Watch Me Explain!
DO YOU Want                          ?
Here's What You Get!
You Get Access to Justin's VIP Private Facebook Group for Support and Help with Your Business... 
Ask Anything, Anytime!
     (A $97/mth Value All Included)
You Get Access to 5 Private VIP Zoom Room Q&A Sessions Weekly 
     (A $197/mth Value All Included)
BONUS GIFT #1: Outsourced Lease Options 2.0 Course with Advanced Agreements Package
(a $497 Value - Included Free)
BONUS GIFT #2: Mastering The Phone to Get Property Deals 2.0 Training Course with Advanced Cheat Sheet and Objections Cheat Sheet
(a $297 Value - Included Free)
Only $97 Today, Then ONLY $49/mth to Continue. Cancel Anytime. If you Want 1-on-1 Coaching Click Here
  Self-Study Training Courses 
Learn The Techniques and Strategies of a Virtual Pretty House Wholesaler!
Comes with Agreements Package!
Scripts Don't Work! Use G.U.T.S. to Get Property Deals Over the Phone With Confidence! This is Cutting Edge Deal Closer Training! 
(a $297 Value)
ADVANCED: The Rules of The Sales Game Have Changed! Do You Want to Turn Leads Into Deals? This is Next Level! Ninja Strategies!
(a $297 Value)
Complete Training Course with Advanced Agreements Package + Outsourcing to VAs Training!
(a $497 Value) 
 Tools I Recommend Every Wholesaler Have: 
Scrape Craigslist & Zillow and Text Blast with...
(Click Tool to Preview)
Get Websites and Leads for JV Deals with...
#ShutUpMoney Sand Timer to Help You Qualify or Disqualify Your Leads!
#ShutUpMoney 3 Minute Sand Timer
Club Apparel
#ShutUpMoney Hoodies, Tees, and Hats
Get Property Data Instantly Like a Realtor, Anywhere with...
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