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Justin Chamness'
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What Will You Learn Here?
  • How to Start and Run Your RE Business Virtually!
  • How to ALWAYS have Motivated Seller Leads!
  • How to Use G.U.T.S. to Get Property Deals Over the Phone!
  • Where to Market Your Property Deals for Fast Cash!
  • How to Outsource Your Business for Full Freedom!
  • ... and Much More!!
We Offer 1 on 1 Attention in a Small Group Setting for Real Estate Wholesalers Who Want REAL Freedom!
5 Live Q&A Sessions Each Week! Watch Me Explain!
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Here's What You Get!
You Get Access to Justin's VIP Private Facebook Group for Support and Help with Your Business... 
Ask Anything, Anytime!
     (A $97/mth Value All Included)
You Get a Unique Real Estate Wholesalers Club 3 Minute Sand Timer to Help You Qualify or Disqualify Your Prospects in 3 Minutes or Less!
You Get Access to 5 Private VIP Zoom Room Q&A Sessions Weekly 
     (A $197/mth Value All Included)
You Get the EVERYTHING LEASE OPTIONS Package! All Courses and Agreements Packages! 
     (A $1,288 Value)
You Get a Stylish Real Estate Wholesalers Club T-Shirt! #ShutUpMoney
Only $297 Today, Then ONLY $49/mth to Continue. Cancel Anytime. If you Want 1-on-1 Coaching Click Here
  Self-Study Training Courses 
Get Started Here with Virtual Lease Options Basic Training
With Agreements Package - FREE 
 ($79 Value)
Start, Build and Outsource Your Virtual Lease Options Business with Outsourced Lease Options 2.0
With ADVANCED Agreements Package
($497 Value)
Scripts Don't Work! Use G.U.T.S. to Get Property Deals Over the Phone With Confidence! This is Cutting Edge Phone Training for Today's RE Investor! 
($297 Value)
Build Passive Income and Huge Paydays with Sandwich Lease Options! Training Course with Advanced Agreements Package! Not Legal in Texas!
($297 Value)
Want To Do Lease Option Deals Nationwide?! Join Venture Lease Options is For You! Be the Dispositions Expert and Make Money From Other Wholesalers Deals! This is a Mini-Course with Advanced Agreements Package!
($197 Value)
Want All The Training Courses with Advanced Agreements Packages? Here it Is... This Is EVERYTHING! Click for More Details! ($1,288 Value)
All Lease Option Courses
Get Property Data Instantly Like a Realtor, Anywhere with...
 Tools I Recommend Every Wholesaler Have: 
Scrape Craigslist & Zillow and Text Blast with...
(Click Tool to Preview)
Get Websites and Leads for JV Deals with...
#ShutUpMoney Sand Timer to Help You Qualify or Disqualify Your Leads!
#ShutUpMoney 3 Minute Sand Timer
Club Apparel
#ShutUpMoney Hoodies, Tees, and Hats
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